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Explore Leading Complete Home Solar Kit with Solavita at Key Energy 2024
Time:2024-04-08 16:58:420 view
Greetings from Solavita, where innovation harmonizes with sustainability! As one pioneer in the renewable energy realm, we specialize in providing one-stop PV solutions for diverse industry participants, spanning residential, industrial, and commercial uses. With over 300,000 applications worldwide, our solar solutions, like the complete home solar kit, have achieved the remarkable feat of generating 8 billion kWh (still counting) of green energy.

This year, we are thrilled to embark on a new journey, starting by participating in Key Energy 2024, a grand gathering that unveils the next chapter in solar evolution. This article aims to guide you through our premium complete home solar kits, and we will be more than happy to see you for more communication at the expo!


Solavita at Key Energy 2024

From February 28th to March 1st this year, Solavita will wait for you at Rimini Exhibition Centre, Italy. Meet us at booth D1-016 to see our top sustainable energy solutions, including state-of-the-art complete home solar kit innovations.

We offer a range of standard configuration system packages, ranging from the Solavita PV 6kW to the Solavita PV 12kW systems. These packages are designed to cater to varying energy needs, with the capacity to generate annual electricity yields of up to 7,900 kWh for the 6kW system and an impressive 151,800 kWh for the 12kW system.

They utilize supportive components for exceptional performance, including hybrid 3-phase inverters and N-type black frame modules. For specific needs, we offer customized alternatives with greater power output. For instance, our Solavita PV 24kW and Solavita PV 10kW systems have been deployed in cities like Wesel and Frankfurt.




These cases of solar system kits for home use are our previous accomplishments. Fueled by passions for innovation, we are well-prepared to embrace future changes and opportunities. Our team excels in pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in every project we undertake, and you will experience quality time when staying in our booth!  


What Solavita Has for a Complete Home Solar Kit

To offer detailed information, let's go through our product range for a reliable and effective complete home solar kit.


1. 430W N-type Monocrystalline Modules

Our solar panels feature the advanced N-type technology for superior energy conversion efficiency with a 30-year performance guarantee (>80%). These modules are apt for many climates since they produce more, even in low light. They also have a lower LOCE, which provides more energy with less investment over time. Wind and snow stress are eased by enhanced mechanical loading tolerance testing on each module.


2. Efficient HybridInverters

As part of our complete home solar kit, we offer industry-leading single-phase and three-phase hybrid/AC coupled inverters with high efficiency measured around 98%, which minimizes conversion energy loss. Their compact designs streamline the installation process, contributing to minimized time and labor costs. Boasting IP65 or IP66 water and dust resistance, they come with durability and adaptability in diverse environments. Smart cloud monitoring is also available to measure energy output in real time, helping supervise solar energy use.

3. Extended Capacity Battery

In terms of power storage, Solavita offers higher-capacity battery systems for improved complete home solar kits. They come in low-voltage and high-voltage options with expandable capacities, meeting maximized power needs from 10.24kWh to 20.48kWh. Paired with a broad temperature tolerance, they perform reliably in diverse climates.

Outstanding performance doesn't necessarily imply complex operations. Our batteries characterize simple installation and plug-and-play designs. In future usage, advanced features, like the comprehensive Battery Management System (BMS) and continuous all-day data monitoring, are some highlights to boost their safety and efficiency.


4. Solid Accessories

We conclude the complete home solar kit with durable accessories to augment efficiency and life expectancy. Our standard mounting support packages are crafted explicitly for European pitched and flat roofs. Constructed from high-strength aluminum alloy, they guarantee excellent stability and wind resistance. As a one-stop home solar solution provider, we also supply TÜV/VED-certified cable sets for safe, lasting connections that withstand UV radiation and brutal temperatures.

Besides the all-encompassing product range, we assure you and your team of our top all-around services throughout the process. We have a dedicated R&D team involving 50+ engineers as a reliable backup. Any future needs can be satisfied with our localized after-sales services.



To conclude, Solavita covers all you need for a complete home solar kit. Our solutions can meet your specific requirements with the integration of top-notch technology. Paired with our all-encompassing service, we ensure you have superior solar energy solutions through pleasant collaboration.

Committed to advancing solar innovation, we extend a hearty welcome to friends from diverse industries. If you are looking for a reliable partner with outstanding hybrid solar power system solutions, feel no hesitation to contact us and meet us at booth D1-016 at Key Energy 2024!