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Sustainable Partnerships in Action! Solavita's Journey to Udine, Italy
Time:2024-04-08 16:58:420 view

Excited to share a remarkable milestone in our pursuit of sustainable living and eco-friendly collaborations! On October 18, a delegation of 10 colleagues from Solavita embarked on an insightful visit to Mr. Marco and Mr. Saverio's company, a renowned EPC company in Italy.



Our team had an immersive tour of completed solar projects, including hybrid inverters, solar modules, storage batteries, and other supporting equipment. We delved into the details while listening to a comprehensive introduction from Mr. Saverio.



Our team engaged in meaningful discussions and negotiations with Mr. Marco and Mr. Saverio, focusing on strengthening the already robust collaboration between our two entities. To deepen the understanding of Solavita's residential solar solution, our team conducted technical training for Mr. Saverio, Mr. Marco  and his colleagues.


This visit marks a significant step forward in our journey toward sustainable solutions and collaborative innovation. Solavita will continue to make efforts for a brighter and more sustainable future!